Large scale projection simplified.

Monoblox is the mobile projection screen choice of the world's leading rental & staging companies with a foldable aluminum frame. Lowest total cost of ownership, austrian manufacturing precision, best picture quality and  intuitive operation are the key features of this award winning product.

Product details

Dress kit available
  • Skirt 5'9"
  • Wings
  • Valence 

Standard packaging:
  • Single-piece aluminium frame 32 x 32 mm with snap joints, one pair of AT32-legs 
  • Front projection surface with 10 cm reinforced border and snap fasteners
  • Thumb screws in yellow bag
  • Bag for projection surface in black, 1x small grey plastic hard case
  • Rear projection surface available separately
  • Stock on 9'5'' X 5'7'' up to 13'11'' X 8'2''