Custom curved screen

The projection screen system CURVE consists of 64x32mm plug-in frame elements with pin-connections. Vertical supports are included to eliminate horizontal deflection and to guarantee maximum frame stability. The standardized modular frame design allows for easy "no tool" assembly and comfortable transport.The CURVE is typically set up on legs, but can be optionally equipped with hanging points for "flying" installations. The projection surface comes with special designed hooks to simplify its mounting and guarantees a tight fitting to the curved frame.

Product details

This is a custom-made product.
The appropriate radius of the CURVE is determined by several factors.
Please contact us for further details.

Technical details
  • Bending radius on custom request, min. 300 cm
  • Height up to 400 cm
  • Mounting solutions with legs or suspension points for flying installation
  • Surface with special designed hooks for easy mounting
  • Several front projection materials available
  • 64x32mm plug-in frame system with pin-connections.