ST-18P System

Creative, touring-grade LED display system

*This product is no longer in production. Please contact Theatrixx for any support inquiries on existing systems. *

Over the years, we have evaluated numerous LED video screen products, and we've made our choice with the Visualed brand. These products are designed by a team of professionals based in Denmark. After many years of frustration with the equipment available on the market, Visualed decided to design its own video product. Featuring 18mm pixel-pitch, a rugged casing allowing for 7.5 or 15-degree angles between each panel, and a modular design, the Visualed is one of the best products available in terms of quality/price, and certainly one of the most versatile.

Visualed is one of the rare manufacturers that offers a hanging system approved by the German firm TÜV with a 10:1 safety ratio, up to 18 tiles high. Since aluminum structures and lifting motors require approval, it is only normal to require the same safety feature from video screens hanging over the public. Three sizes are available to create any type of projection configuration.