ST-18P Tile

18-mm pitch LED video screen (32x32 pixels)

*This product is no longer in production. Please contact Theatrixx for any support inquiries on existing systems. *

With thousands of tiles sold over the world and hundreds of events per year, the Visualed ST-18P LED video screen is quickly becoming a standard of the industry, by far superior to products two or three time its price range. Its success is due in a large part by the quality of the construction and the component used. Our strict quality control process guarantees colorimetric accuracy and consistency across tiles, a critical detail way too often overlooked by the competition.

The ST-18P LED tiles offer the designers an endless array of possibilities when it comes to creating a video surface that have never been possible before with conventionnal products. A clever system makes it possible achieve positive and negative angles ranging for 0 to 15 degrees between each tile, and the quick and safe rigging allows heights of up to 20 modules.

The oversized power supply guarantees optimal brightness throught the whole lifetime of the LEDs. All the electronics are stored in a single, easy-access enclosure, which makes servicing and maintenance an easy task.

Product details

Display specifications
  • Pixel pitch : 18mm
  • Brighness : 4,800 Nit at 50% brightness of full white
  • LED configuration : 3-in-1 SMD (5050)
  • Viewing angle : Vertical: over 100 degree, Horizontal: over 145 degree
  • Transparency : 35% including PSU
  • Lifetime : 50,000 hours at full white, half brightness
  • Colours : 180 trillions
  • Refresh rate : Variable, less than 800 Hz, flicker-free
  • Color processing : 16 bit
  • Power consumption : 300W max per module / 100W average in normal use
  • Voltage input : 90 to 260 VAC, 50-60Hz auto switching
  • LED drive : Constant voltage, current-driven
  • Cooling : Passive (no fans)
  • Connections (power) : 20A Powercon in and out
  • Connections (signal) : Ethercon (RJ45) in and out
  • Rigging : Vertical click 'n rig system, horizontal fast fit side locking system
  • Rigging rating : 10:1 for 18 modules high, TÜV approved
  • Outdoor protection rating : IP65 IEC / EN60529 (wheatherproof)
  • Front finish : Anti-reflective black plastic panel
  • Curve : Ranging from 0 to 15 degrees, positive or negative
  • Size : 576mm x 576mm x 85mm (22.7" x 22.7" x 3.4")
  • Weight : 9,5 kg per module (21 lbs)