Designed specifically for the unique needs of Broadcast.

Hannay designed this series with a larger drum to meet the specific bend radius requirements of fiber. Each reel houses a drum extension for coiling fanouts on the front end of the reel. One of the best features we discovered about these reels is the spacious drum opening which allows you to thread existing SMPTE & opticalCON cables through to the drum extension without removing the connectors. An exclusive feature of the series is its rubber grommet on the front of the hub. This not only protects fanouts from dirt and debris but delivers the fastest access when setting up and breaking down. A 3-Position cam-lock brake system allows for tension or free cable pulling. And no more lost cranks - the crank handle is permanently attached to the disc.

Product details

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction, under 10 Lbs.
  • Modular Frame Style, Handle & Legs
  • Fanout Drum Included
  • Thread Existing SMPTE & opticalCON Cables with Connector Removal
  • Designed for Tactical Fiber, SMPTE Hybrid Fiber & opticalCON Cables
  • Quality Metal Construction Withstands Harsh Outdoor Environments
  • Non-Reflective Black Matte Finish
  • External and/or internal drum storage with Protective Rubber Grommet for Easy Access to Cable & Fan Out
  • Crank Handle Permanently Attached to Disc
  • Equipped with 3-Position Cam-lock Drag Brake System
  • Made in USA