7, 19, 37 and 43 pins connectors

CEEP is a manufacturer based in England and Spain who has long worked as a sub-contractor for many well-known multi-connector manufacturers. The experience they have acquired has enabled them to develop aseries of affordable products that are free of the competitions inconvenienceand problems. Offering a broad range of cable clamps and contacts, as well asdifferent chassis, CEEP is by far the manufacturer with the most extensive lineof products for 7, 19 and 37 series contacts. The plugs come in black and mayalso be ordered in a brushed aluminum finish.

 The openness of company leadership means thatchanges to existing products can be made quickly so as to offer equipment thatis both rugged and reliable. During our relationship with the manufacturer,CEEP has followed our recommendations on more than 5 occasions in order toconstantly improve their line of products. Many production details, such as theground first connection and a mechanism to prevent the insertion from rotatingensure their products meet the most demanding professional standards.

CEEP offers by far the widest selection of 419 format configurations. Several models are available, i.e. a long chassis to aid inidentification, large cable clamp for octopus and large-caliber cable or acombination of the two for increased flexibility. The CEEP line of connectorshas an IP67 environmental rating. A metal cover is available for each size to protect contacts. A version that meets marine requirements is also available for extreme applications.