Advanced Devices

Cam type single-pole connectors

Simply the best CAM-type connector on themarket. The manufacturer?s precision tooling and machining yield products withthe most stringent precision levels in the industry. Optional copper contactsenable a high degree of tolerance specially designed for applications with aconstant load of more than 200 amps. Premium engineering significantly improvesconductivity and reduces the corrosion inherent in high-amp applications. 

 The connector shell is remarkable for its useof an extremely shock-resistant polymer and a simple and highly reliableset-up. Two external shell models are available, along with a series ofCAM-type adapters.

 The manufacturer's attention to detail makesthis the best line of CAM-type products in the industry. The outcome of yourinstallation depends primarily on the quality of the power available, which iswhy Advanced Devices is the choice of the most demanding professionals andexperts.

 A complete line of stage pin connectors,available in 20-100 amp configurations is also available under the Bates namein a choice of 8 different colours to aid in identification.