JB Lighting

Moving lights and LED washlights with optical zoom system

JB Lighting manufactures high end lighting fixtures, designed with maximal optical efficiency and easy maintenance in mind. Its flagship product line, JB LED, are high-power, highly saturated LED moving heads which are setting up the industry standard in next-generation lighting fixtures.
Theatrixx Technologies is the exclusive distributor of JB-lighting lighting products for Canada. This German company has been designing, developing and manufacturing intelligent projector systems and lighting control consoles since 1987. These highly regarded products in Europe are now available in Canada.
The management and manufacturing principles of JB-lighting perfectly meet the selection criteria of Theatrixx Technologies, namely the safety, reliability, robustness, quality of construction and reputation of the manufacturer.
A leader in motorized lighting innovation, JB-lighting has developed environmentally friendly manufacturing methods that include maintaining all of its production in Germany. Customers can rely on perfectly reliable products and fast refueling for any spare part. This production philosophy guarantees the highest quality of all products.
JB-Lighting was the first manufacturer to offer a motorized luminaire with LED sources.