High-power, next generation LED wash fixture

Introducing a new range of high-power, next generation LED fixtures. Designed to exceed the power output of conventionnal 1000W PAR64 fixtures in any color, the xFocus 72 series use a clever color-mixing lens system that produces the final color at the source in order to reduce the annoying lite-brite effect that legacy RGB fixtures are known for. The use of a fourth color -amber- greatly helps creating better, warmer and more skintone-friendly whites, while extending color palette available to the designer. It's LED lighting like you've never seen it before.

Product details

The passive cooling design eliminates fan noises, ensuring a virtually silent fixture, and thus making it ideal for quiet environments such as theaters, houses of worship, and conference centers. A built-in power supply means no external equipment is needed to use the fixture, and a standalone,  daisy chainable preset memory bank allows use without a DMX signal. We even built in 10 calibrated, preset color temperatures, from 2800 to 6000K, so you can use the fixture as a studio quality, standalone light source.
Technical specifications
  • 72 3W LEDs: 18x Reds, 18x Greens, 18x Blues,  18x Amber
  • Beam angle: 28 degrees
  • Power consumption: 300 watts
  • Power input: Auto-switching 90-250VAC, 50-60Hz
  • Weight: 9 kg (20lbs)
  • Extruded aluminium body
  • Clips for diffuser gel of accessory
  • Power input and output on Neutrik Powercon
  • DMX input and output on XLR5 and XLR3
  • IP65 version with strain reliefs available